Editorial Policy

At Asòtítọ́, the editorial objective at all times is to deliberately – indeed gratuitously – provoke deeper thought about major and minor topics of life in the four broad areas that Dr Fatai Badmus has unique and insightful views on. These areas (business, health, life and style, technology) either singly or in combination, apply to and should of necessity interest every single inhabitant of this planet.

The essays and op-eds on Asòtítọ́ platforms have been mostly written or adapted by Dr Badmus. Even in the rare cases of writings by others, the core concepts of those writings coincide in the main with Dr Badmus’ views or objectives, hence their publication on the platforms.

All media (photographs, images, videos, films, etc) on the platforms have either been produced by Dr Badmus, or derived from open-source royalty-free and in most cases attribution-free internet sources. Where necessary or desirable, the materials have been individually attributed to their authors or sources, e.g. video descriptions on our TISPL Media Platform.

If you have any questions, comments or contentions about the copyright of any of the writings or other materials on Asòtítọ́ platforms, please use the form below to let us know and the matter will be addressed swiftly and any necessary redress applied.

In spite of the robust and non-politically correct discussions and engagements, under no circumstances will writing or material that is racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-semitic, ageist, or discriminatory in any way be knowingly allowed or published on Asòtítọ́ platforms. Any perceived departures or breaches of this policy should be notified to Dr Badmus using the form below, for a swift review and any necessary correction.

In all circumstances, it should be borne in mind that any disagreement with the arguments or points of view on the platforms, so long as those arguments and points of view are not discriminatory as indicated above, does not qualify for a review or other action on the said materials. Whoever feels aggrieved in such circumstances should simply pen their own points of view in the discussions.

Many thanks for helping make Asòtítọ́ platforms the repository of truthful non-neutral discourse on the world-wide web.

~ Dr Fatai Badmus


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